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4 Common Signs You Should Replace Your Pool Liner

Aug 9

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The common signs that you need to replace the pool liner

A swimming pool works great for the first few years of using it, but when you don’t know how to maintain its good working condition that is the time that you will end up having issues and overspending just to fix it. When your swimming pool is always in use because of your kids or of a frequent pool party, then it is time for you to have someone who can do weekly pool maintenance to ensure that you won’t face the same issues again.

When you are using a vinyl pool liner, it needs more maintenance because the expected lifespan of this typical type of vinyl lasts for about 10 to 15 years only. And there are many reasons why some don’t reach that expected years, one of those reasons is that ground water issues that could affect the pool’s balance while the other one is that the liner is not correctly installed.



Common signs that you need to change the pool liner

As an owner, it is a must that you should conduct proper weekly maintenance to ensure that it is working well, and to avoid big problems in the future. Through that, you will notice some of these four signs if your pool liner needs some replacement.

  1. Faded and Stained - The vinyl pool liner will surely fade as years go by, and that is because of too much exposure to the heat of the sun and all those chemicals used to condition the pool’s water.
  2. Leaked - It is normal to have leaks when you have been using that vinyl pool liner for many years. You can extend its lifespan if you know exactly which part is the leak so that you or the pool service contractor can fix it. But failure to do so means it needs to be removed and install a new one to prevent any corrosion to the sand underneath.
  3. Cracked and Tore - A regular inspection is important to be fully aware of what is the current condition of the pool, it is also to avoid accidents and spending more money trying to fix major damage. A vinyl pool liner will normally deteriorate as time goes by because of the chemicals we put into our pool that remove dirt and bacteria, also the heat of the sun has its contributes to why it happens. If there are cracks, you need to keep checking the water level.
  4. Wrinkled, Slipped, and Stretched - This is a result of the vinyl losing its elasticity, or not being installed well plus it was stretched too much.